a bit about me...

Hello! I'm a freelance artist who paints, illustrates and designs. I love portraying the quirky side of life.


My work includes greetings cardslogos and designs for print, plus large canvas work and wood burning.

I mostly enjoy producing digitally-coloured pen illustrations, but also use watercolour paints, ink, crayon, brush pens, and acrylic paints in my work. 


After studying textiles, printmaking and photography at Chester University, where I also became fascinated with digital design, I got lost for a decade in the world of publishing and journalism.


Then, one day, I remembered that I used to love drawing! So I picked up a pencil and embarked on the messy quest of producing something funny, something beautiful, something creative.


If you like my work and think we could collaborate on a project, I'd love to hear from you! I'm the one hiding in the corner with a sketchbook and pen...


Thanks for stopping by.


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“Creativity comes from the freedom to fail - and failure comes from experimentation.”
 - Peter Gabriel


“I have my own Calligraphy

and I know what I have to do.”
- Barbara Hepworth


"What is it that MEANS

something to you?”
- Jack Vettriano

“If you see a tree as blue,

then make it blue.”
- Paul Gauguin

“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture,

society must set the artist free to

follow his vision wherever it takes him.” 

- John F Kennedy


"Artists are more likely to think about their work at all times of the day without ever switching off, not even on holiday! And time away from the studio is often precious gestation time for creative ideas. The work of an artist is not separate from the rest of their life, and more often than not, an artist will live to work rather than work to live."

 – Lisa Takahashi

“Just as the bird sings or the butterfly soars,

because it is his natural characteristic,

so the artist works.”

- Alma Gluck

“When someone feels that

‘no one else has gone through this’,

any form of art can have a powerful effect…

it says 'No, you are not alone’.” 

- JK Rowling