Illustration Challenge #3: The Borrowers

(My personal Illustration Challenge for 2017 is to complete one 'double page spread' from a popular, modern or classic children's story each week, picked randomly from a hat. Using lines from the original text, I am re-creating the 'imagery' in my own way, just for fun!)

Hmm, this one was tough.

The Borrowers, written by Mary Norton, first published in 1952.

It's hard work drawing three little people and all their little details, and then knowing that most of it will be hidden in the darkest part of the picture! So ! cheated.

I drew the bits that are important, and left the rest to the imagination, and relied on digital colouring to complete the image.

Not my favourite so far of this challenge, but it did bring back memories of the wonderful BBC TV series adaptation I watched as a child, starring Ian Holm and Penelope Wilton.

The Borrowers illustrated by Celia Hyland

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