Illustration Challenge #12: Little Red Riding Hood

(My personal Illustration Challenge for 2017 is to complete one 'page spread' from a popular, modern or classic children's story each week, picked randomly from a hat. Using lines from the original text, I am re-creating the 'imagery' in my own way, just for fun!)

A simple image, with a modern twist this week.

Little Red Riding Hood, the classic fairytale.

Little Red illustrated by Celia Hyland

Mother warned Red not to take the path through the forest.

"There are wolves behind every tree," she said. "They are ready to eat little girls just like you."

I'm really happy with this one. I think I produce my best work - and most enjoy working - using minimal colour.

Of course this is 'little girl against the world', so I am in my element.

Lots of soft pencil and ink outlining. I wanted to keep the focus on Red, but other compositions I tried featuring the wolf didn't really work. I also wanted to show her as a modern girl, with her hoodie and backpack. I hope she remembers not to talk to any strangers! Spot the five wolves waiting...

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